About This Project


Thank you for visiting.  My name is Steven Bailey and I have been photographing aircraft for over 40 years. I'm based in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy photographing Boeing's as much as I like photographing Seaplanes. I have traveled to find Boeing, Bombardier, Convair, DeHavilland, Douglas, Embraer, Lockheed & Martin aircraft in 5 continents.  These pages represent part of that body of work.

I often get asked what makes a great image. One word - light! Finding a great airplane in bad light just really doesn't do it. So the trick is to find great aircraft in great light.  Finding a DeHavilland Beaver on an Alaskan lake at sunrise, with whisps of fog accenting the stillness of the reflective water is the type of imaging moment I look for.  Catching a Turbo Otter resting on a glacier next to Mt Mckinley - hard to describe

Have you ever gone to someones house for dinner, they serve you an amazing meal and you compliment them on their oven? Hopefully not, but so many times I get the "wow - great shot - you must have a good camera".  While I always need good light and a great subject, you do need a camera (or two). I started with a Praktika SLR, briefly flirted with a Pentax and quickly moved to Nikon equipment which I have used ever since. But remember,  a good camera won't give you a good image if you don't have good light (ie great food can be destroyed by the worst cooks). 

Along the way I have managed to meet some amazing people, fly into some great airports on some fantastic airplanes. I have been blessed to have my images in a number of magazines and digital publications over the years.  More than that I have been so fortunate to meet photographers who have shared their incredible knowledge. Even knowing a quarter of what they know would be truly fantastic. In fact, the learning never stops. 

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